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Nemours  Children’s  Clinic

Pediatric Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism Clinics
The   Division   of Pediatric Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism at the Nemours Children’s Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida  is an academic endocrine division consisting of 8 Pediatric Endocrinologists and an active Pediatric Endocrine fellowship program.  This division is lead by Dr. Nelly Mauras, Co- Principal Investigator and Professor of Pediatrics at the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine. She, along with Dr. Larry Fox (co-I), Dr. Allison Cato (co-I),  Kim Englert , RN, K Sikes, ARNP and the rest of the team, are very experienced in the conduct of complex physiological studies in children and adolescents, particularly in diabetes, and in the use of diabetes-related technology.  Nemours has grown to become one of the nation’s  largest  integrated  pediatric  health  systems,  providing  hospital- and clinic- based specialty care, primary care, prevention and health information services, and research and medical education programs aimed at improving the lives of children and families throughout  Florida and the Delaware Valley with over 500 full time subspecialty pediatric physicians. The integration of all these clinics in Florida and Delaware with the same electronic medical record and computer and teleconference systems allows for a wealth of resources and ready access to needed patients. The group has been conducting the previous NIH-funded studies examining the neuroanatomical and neurocognitive consequences of type 1 diabetes in children. Their program follows about 1000 children with diabetes and is highly experienced in the study of children and adolescents.

Because DirecNet uses exclusively Siemens equipment and our hospital has GE scanners, the MRI images will be obtained, through a collaboration agreement, at the center for advanced CT&MRI at the University of Florida Shands campus in Jacksonville in the UF Department of Radiology.

Nemours Clinical Coordinating Center 
In this funding cycle Nemours will also serve as the Clinical Coordinating Center for the network, overseeing all clinical and patient-related aspects of this multicenter study, arranging for meetings, coordinating reports, as well as patient care costs, requisitions and distribution and tracking of supplies for the proposed projects.  The Center will coordinate the training of all research coordinators at all sites regarding use and download of continuous glucose monitoring devices. We will serve as liaison with the NIH, the Data Safety & Management Board, and all external collaborators in industry and laboratory medicine.   The Nemours Clinical Coordinating Center will work closely with the Nemours Neurocognitive Core to ensure proper training of all personnel performing neurocognitive testing, and will do the central scoring of all cognitive testing performed at all sites.