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How to Participate

Children between 7-14 years old with Type 1 diabetes and healthy non diabetic age-matched controls will be recruited. We will attempt to enroll all participants who completed our previous study (Mauras, N., et. al. 2014). However, new participants will be recruited to replace any children who cannot continue to do the study. Children with normal birth weight and no other chronic medical conditions will be eligible. Participation will last about 2 years and will include a brain MRI without sedation, and tests of memory and intelligence (cognitive tests). The children with T1D will wear a continuous glucose monitor (CGM), and will be followed up routinely in clinic every 3 months and will be asked to wear the CGM each time. The MRI and cognitive tests will be repeated in 2 years in children with T1D and healthy controls.  Parents of newly recruited children will also have abbreviated IQ testing.

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Contact the study site in your area for enrollment opportunities.

Clinical Sites Contacts 

Nemours Children’s Health System
Jacksonville, Florida, 32207
Principal Investigator: Nelly Mauras, MD
Co-Investigators: Larry Fox, MD, Allison Cato, PhD
Contact: Kaitlin M Sikes, ARNP, (904) 697-3988,  

Stanford University
Stanford, California, 94305
Principal Investigators: Bruce Buckingham, MD
Co-Investigators: Darrell Wilson, MD, Tandy Aye, PhD
Contact: Ellen Ambers, BSN, RN, PHN, CDE, (650) 723-8163,    

University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics
Iowa City, Iowa, 52242
Principal Investigator: Eva Tsalikian, MD
Co-Investigator: Michael Tansey, MD
Contact: Julie Coffey, ARNP, (319) 353-6070,   

Yale University
New Haven, Connecticut, 06511
Principal Investigator: Stuart Weinzimer, MD
Co-Investigators: William Tamborlane, MD, Jody Ambrosino, PhD
ContactAmy Steffen, RN, (203) 737-8852,       

Washington University St Louis 
St Louis, Missouri, 63126
Principal Investigator: Neil White, MD
Co-Investigators: Ana Maria Arbelaez, MD, Tamara Hershey, PhD
Contact: Lucy Levandoski, PA-C, (314) 454-6025,